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Whipsmart Mini Try-Angle Positioning Cushion
Whipsmart Mini Try-Angle Positioning Cushion

Whipsmart Mini Try-Angle Positioning Cushion

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Take your pleasure to the next level in ultimate comfort with the Whipsmart Try-Angle Positioning Cushion in mini.

Take your pleasure up a notch with this supportive wedge, designed with comfort in mind. With its convenient triangular shape, this cushion is ideal for helping you into all the positions you crave. 

Made of high-density foam the Whipsmart Try-Angle offers full-body support for positions like missionary, doggy, and any number of entanglements you can imagine.

Drape yourself over this cushion and get your juicy bits in prime position. One of our favourite ways to use this positioning aid is for oral sex, to help beautifully expose the vulva and reduce neck strain for the giver.

Positioning cushions are also ideal for couples with height differences, people who might have difficulty staying in certain positions and also maximising the penetrative pleasure of a modestly sized penis.

The mini cushion has the same high-density foam and convenient triangular shape as the original size Try-Angle but is packaged in a slightly smaller size, making it ideal for travelling with. Its smaller size also means it blends in subtly in your bedroom.

This portable positioning cushion comes with built-in cuff straps for restraint play and includes a pair of cuffs. The cushion covers are also removable and machine-washable so feel free to get down and dirty.

Looking for something larger? Check out the full-sized Try-Angle cushion.


Size: 24" x 14" x 7"

Material: polyester

Colour: black


  • The ultimate sex positioning accessory for enhanced pleasure in a mini portable size
  • Handy triangular shape
  • High-density supportive foam for comfortable positioning
  • Perfect for a huge variety of positions including missionary and doggy
  • Fully removable and machine washable cover