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Quickie Gag Mouth Bit Black
Quickie Gag Mouth Bit Black
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Quickie Gag Silicone Mouth Bit

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All the fun of a bit gag with none of the fuss.

This silicone Quickie Gag is Ideal for those who don't want to fumble around with fiddly fastenings or are relatively new to bondage play. It's super easy to put on so you can start playtime in a matter of seconds.

To use, simply stretch over the your or your partner's head and then bite down on the silicone mouth-piece.

Bit gags are designed to restrict your partner from speaking. They may cause excessive drooling whist wearing, but generally that's the desired effect. 

The Quickie range of silicone BDSM products are ideal for beginners, people with mobility restrictions who want to avoid fiddly fastenings, and they're also great options to pack in your holiday case because of their discreet designs and lighter weight compared to metal and leather. 

Complete your collection with a pair of Quickie Cuffs.



Sizing: one size fits all

Material: Silicone


  • Super strong silicone mouth bit gag
  • No buckles to fasten
  • Easy to clean, wash with warm water before and after use
  • Great for role play
  • Hard mouth-piece and stretchy strap