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Classic Bulb Douche

Classic Bulb Anal Douche

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Sometimes you want to feel extra clean in the booty area when engaging in some anal fun, in those situations, an anal douche is an ideal solution to get a little peace of mind. This classic douche featuring a PVC bulb and ABS plastic nozzle, which can be cleaned easily and is simple to fill up and use.

To fill, simply remove the nozzle and hold it under running water. Add a small amount of water-based lube to the tip for comfort before inserting. Slowly squeeze small amounts of water into your rectum, hold and then release to remove waste material. Repeat until the water comes out clear.


Size: 160ml

Colour: Black


  • Simple to fill, use and clean
  • Medium size douche which holds 160ml of water
  • The base of the bulb is flat to enable standing it upright when needed