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About us

At Self & More we believe that everybody deserves to experience pleasure without shame or judgement.

We’re a small, woman-owned, online sex toy shop based in London.

Proud wankers

Masturbation can be many things: self-care, self-exploration, stress-relief, pure pleasure. But it’s never shameful. We wear our wanker flag loud & proud. While many sex toy shops are focussed on partnered play, we’re all about figuring out what gives you pleasure and then using that knowledge to have a more satisfying sex life all round.

Buy toys + support charitable causes

From the beginning of 2021, we're donating 5% of our profits to charitable organisations. This quarter we are supporting
BAME communities are disproportionately impacted by poor HIV, sexual and reproductive health compared to their white counterparts. Naz seek to redress sexual health inequalities to enable all people from minority communities to enjoy positive sexual health and well-being.

Toys are for bodies, not genders

We don’t categorise our toys by gender because we believe that you should be able to make the decision about what’s right for your body (plus inanimate objects don’t have genders).
Rather than dictate what toys are for you, we give you the information needed to make your own choice.

Pleasure education

We’re all about helping you to understand your body and what gives you pleasure. When it comes to sex, so many of us spend a lot of time wondering ‘am I normal?’. We’re here to tell you that yes! You are perfectly normal and not alone in your experiences.

Masturbation stories: a year in wanks

My liaisons with masturbation have been a good barometer for my feelings on my relationships and breakups over the past year, but it's also an activity that assists me in understanding my relationship with gender.

How to get the best out of mutual masturbation

So, “what is mutual masturbation?” I hear you ask. Well, to put it plainly, it’s you and your partner, (or partners), masturbating in the same room, or if you’re tech-savvy, over video chat. It can involve touching each other, too, although doesn’t have to. Mutual masturbation is what you make of it and here’s how you can get the best out of it.

Review: B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

As a big fan of b-Vibe’s toys, with their unique designs and wonderful ethos surrounding anal education and pleasure, I was very excited to get my hands on (and butt around) their Rimming Plug.

Poppy Scarlett

Meet the owner

Poppy Scarlett Lepora

Poppy launched Self & More because she was frustrated by the way that many sex toy shops view pleasure through the male gaze. She figured that if she was left wanting more from sex toy shops, the chances are that other people are too. 

You can find her on Instagram and YouTube.