Self-love horoscopes

Words: Marissa Malik

Illustration: Meg Murgatroyd 

V day affirmations guided by the stars.

Many astrologers say it’s a farce that Valentine’s day is in the middle of Aquarius season.

It’s because Aquarius is one of the most boundary-loving, emotionally void signs of the zodiac (on the outside, anyway). This air sign isn’t concerned with the traditions or empty, obligatory gestures that surround the norms of this day. They’d probably rather deconstruct reality and have a staring contest with you, honestly.

That being said, how can we reclaim Valentine’s day to make it work for the astrology of Aquarius energy?

This year we need to focus on ​self love and pleasure​ beyond anything else. In the wake of a global pandemic where it’s so easy to not be in touch with our bodies and the enduring struggles of loneliness, this is beyond essential.

To help you in attaining this today, I’ve written a self-love centered pleasure-scopes for each sign that works with the current abundance of Aquarius energy in the sky.

Read your sun sign and rising sign if you know it!


The love I use to nourish my body derives from within, but is also mirrored in the hearts of my community. My touch encompasses more than my own fingertips.


I am unafraid to show the world how much I love myself. I believe others when they acknowledge the beautiful aspects of my body and personality.


My body is my teacher. I learn new things about it through the quality time I devote to myself and my pleasure.


My pleasure is a codex that is ever evolving. My flesh is full of secrets that I can do whatever I please with.


I am worthy of receiving love in many forms. I open myself to the pleasure and sensuality that others seek to consensually share with me.


My pleasure comes from a unique rhythm that I establish. I praise my body for each pulse, twitch, and tingle it sends through my nervous system.


The whimsy I exude transcends every area of my life; especially to my self pleasure. I appreciate and nurture playfulness by flirting with myself.


The familiarity I’ve established with my body has come from years of cultivation and exploration. I extend gratitude towards this journey and acknowledge it is forever ongoing.


I communicate my needs and pleasure loudly so that even the celestial beings in the sky can hear me. I let my voice guide where and when I want to be touched by others and myself.


My love for myself manifests physically in the objects that aid in my pleasure. I show my love for myself through stimulating all of my senses.


The uniqueness of my mind is mirrored in my body and relationship to touch. When I look in the mirror I see and feel the beauty of the entity before me.


The love that goes unseen by others in my life is mine to keep. I am free to lock it away, or write novels about it.

Marissa Mailk is an astrologer, DJ and tarot reader. Follow her on Instagram.









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