Anal Sex Guide - 6 Tips For Safe (And Fun) Anal Play

Anal, buttsex, booty-play, bum-fun.

Whatever you want to call it, the anus is the universal hole - everybody has one and with patience and a little knowledge there’s a whole world of pleasure ready to be explored.

So, what steps can you take to make your anal play as pleasurable as possible?

These are our top tips to get started.

  1. Relaxation

Whether you’re playing alone or with a partner it’s crucial to be comfortable, relaxed and super turned on. Trying to penetrate a tense booty will only result in pain. If you have a vulva it can help to experience vaginal and vulva stimulation or even to orgasm before moving on to anal.

If you’re playing with a partner then try spending lots of time on massage and have your partner slowly tease their way along your body, spending lots of attention massaging your thighs and bum cheeks. 

Anal play should not be painful. If you are relaxed, starting small and slow and using plenty of lube then it shouldn't hurt.

  1. Lube

The golden rule of anal exploration is lube, lube and lube (say it louder for the people in the back!). The bum is not a self-lubricating part of the body and penetration is easier and more pleasurable when everything is slick - friction is not your friend.

If you’re being penetrated by a penis, fingers or a metal or glass toy then slather on some high-quality silicone lube (Überlube is our favourite) and if you’re playing with silicone toys then stick to water-based lubrication (Sassy by Sliquid is a luxurious water-based lube designed specifically for anal).

Squeeze liberal amounts of the liquid directly around your booty-hole and on the penetrating object, and don’t be shy about re-applying multiple times.

  1. Play solo first

You know your body better than anybody else.

If you’re concerned about how it will feel or what might come out of your body, then experimenting solo will help you understand your body’s response and you’ll probably have a lot of fun in the process. There are a whole range of glorious toys specifically designed for your butt - and only toys that have a flared base are anal-safe. Unlike the vagina, the anal cavity doesn’t just end. If something goes up there then the vacuum-like quality of the anus could actually pull the toy up into your colon and lead to a trip to A&E.

  1. Start small

The anus is packed full of sensitive nerve-endings, and the majority of them are located around the anal opening. This means you don’t need to go big to get the most out of booty play. Licking, gentle fingering and using small tapered toys or an anal training set are the perfect ways to find out whether anal does it for you.

  1. Keep it clean

A few words of guidance for having good, clean, anal fun:

  • If something has been in your bum, don’t put it into a vagina or mouth without cleaning it or changing the condom - this goes for any penetrable object, be it fingers, penises or toys
  • Some people like to use an enema before anal play to feel ‘clean’. This is totally up to you and purely a thing of personal preference. Yes, your bum is where poo comes out, but if you don’t need the toilet before you start playing then it’s unlikely that you will experience a large amount of (if any) fecal matter during anal play. And if you do? Who cares! Sex is meant to be fun, sometimes it can be a bit gross, but ultimately the good bits are totally worth the gross bits
  • Always thoroughly clean your toys after anal play (every time) - most silicone, glass or metal toys can be easily cleaned by boiling for a few minutes or with hot water and neutral soap or with speciality toy cleaner (always check individual cleaning instructions)
  1. Communication

Often with sexual exploration we expect our partners to automatically understand our needs and desires. We are firm believers that there is no sexual activity that isn’t improved tenfold by open and honest communication. Check in every step of the way, don’t wait for them to ask you how it feels, if something feels good - tell them, if something feels bad - tell them!

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